Haute Hawks: Vintage makes high fashion affordable

Haute Hawks: Vintage makes high fashion affordable

By Jordan Gittens

Oct. 20, 2015

Ballin’ on a budget. This is a recurring theme for college students, and sometimes clothes aren’t at the top of our priority list. However, finding cheap clothes is easier than you think. All you need to do is think vintage.

When most people hear the word vintage, they think of a grandma’s couch, fine china and even RuPaul’s wigs. However, when it comes to clothing, vintage is a world all of its own. Some of the most timeless fashion will come from vintage stores.

Here’s a giant secret: many of the most beautiful vintage pieces are designer, and they come for cheap thanks to people who don’t know the value of certain brands. Keep an eye out.

Here are some of the best catches, and we don’t mean tilapia (thank you Gia Gunn). Accessoris and coats are some of the easiest things to find while hunting. You’ll be thanking the gos when you get your hands on some things.

First off, purses. This is the number one item when it comes to vintage shopping. This is because a good leather will last forever, and like Katya, will only get better with age, we hope. A good, tight stitch will ensure that a purse lasts for at least 50 years, and that’s why they can get so expensive when first produced. Even if it’s from a vintage store, a good purse should be expensive. Not for the brand, but for the quality of the product. Black is forever, and brown is a staple.

Shoes are like drag queens. Some are thick, some are thin, but not all are worth paying for. Heels are the way to go when looking at vintage shoes because they aren’t entirely enclosed, which prevents sweating. Sweating may ruin the inside of the shoe. It is crucial to look for scuffs and any kind of water stains. These kind of things truly depreciate the value of the shoe as they are difficult to remove without further damaging the shoe. Shoes that will last forever are not gaudy, but simple and classic. Think little black dress.

Last but not least, jewelry and coats. Unlike shoes, when it comes to jewelry, gaudier is better. Lots of diamonds with the right dress or jacket can really pull an outfit together. Additionally, as drag queens know, the bigger the jewelry, the smaller the rest of your body looks. Pearls are always a staple and vintage pearls carry such a rich history and make a person feel like they have so much more class.

Additionally, coats are always a hit or miss. You can either wear a long-flowing coat, which covers it all while showing the silhouette. Or you can rock a vest that shows toned arms and hugs the body.

Let your vintage loose, and embrace the queen within. Good luck, and don’t mess it up.