PL&H: Autumn weather


Hello all! Scarves, sweaters, berry lips and leaves changing colors are some of my favorite things abut autumn.

As I was walking through campus,the past week I have heard people talk about the weather. If you haven’t been outside, then you missed out on some warm weather, and probably the last for the year.

Some people have complained about the cooler weather, but why complain about it when we had such a warm summer?

Last week’s warm weather seemed to be a nice surprise for all of us, but this week it is finally feeling like what autumn should feel.

Sure, the mornings are cold and the nights are colder, but the afternoons are pretty great. The sun has been shining and the breeze is nothing compared to what the wind tunnel in the middle of campus will be like in less than a month.

We’re focusing on the good right now and not the horrible wind. What is the good you ask? The good is what you make it to be! (Bam! Inspiration has been set upon you.) But really, autumn is a wonderful season even when the weather gets cool and the days get shorter.

So let’s soak up that wonderful sun while we can because it sunset is at 4:30 every night.

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