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Workshop to make cents of artwork

By Mary Davisson

Nov. 18, 2015

Those who attempt an education in the arts may be aware of the fi nancially bleak possibility of their passions. The College of Arts and Communication and the Whitewater University

Innovation Center will be co-sponsoring Dollars and Sense for Arts Entrepreneurs workshop designed to help artists and art entrepreneurs create a successful business with their skills.

As part of ‘Global Entrepreneurship Week’ the Whitewater University Innovation Center is hosting a workshop by Gary Vaughan, an adjunct instructor of innovation and entrepreneurship, and the coordinator of the innovation and entrepreneurship interdisciplinary area of Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.

At Lawrence University, Gary Vaughan teaches a course called Entrepreneurship in the Arts and Society, which focuses on teaching students how to sell art to an ‘audience.’

“I know that a lot of people don’t get into artwork for money,” Ryan Triplett, a graphic design major said. “They’re just trying to get across their feelings and who they are and money isn’t always important to that.”

The session will focus on what the future art entrepreneur will need to do to sell their work and calculate the difference between income and profi t.

Attendees also will learn about fi nancial statements in a way that is easy to digest for those who are not accustomed to the language of business.

“I think students at this time in their life need guidance. They need something to push them forward,” Triplett said. “You always need that thing to get you to the next step.”

There will be tips on how to understand what banks are looking for when it comes to taking out loans. Vaughan also will go into what business owners need when it comes to accounting ratios. Vaughan will even discuss how to adequately price one’s artwork.

“That’s a really good idea,” Chee Nou Lor, a media arts major, said. “It can teach people how to start their own career or to start their own art business. It would be a great boost to them.”

Gary Vaughan also helps small business owners by counseling them on sustainability and growth. He has done volunteer work for civic committees and nonprofi t boards with a focus on economic development.

“It would be really nice to learn how to start up and to just learn in general,” Chee said.

Dollars and Sense for Arts Entrepreneurs is from 1 to 4 p.m. on Nov. 19 at Whitewater University Innovation Center, 1221 Innovation Drive. There is an admission fee of $20 paid through the UW-Whitewater box office.

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Workshop to make cents of artwork