Time with family defines holidays

Dec. 8, 2015

The things I love the most about the holidays are watching movies, spending time with family and friends and eating Christmas cookies.

Commentary by Signe Trewyn Staff Writer
Commentary by Signe Trewyn Staff Writer

I love the movies “The Santa Clause” and Dr. Seuss’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” I personally love these films because of their comedic feel. I love Christmas movies in general because they are quite hilarious and full of holiday cheer.

In general, I enjoy watching films with my family. I love seeing their reaction to what is happening on the screen. I enjoy laughing along with my loved ones at the funniest parts of the holiday     movies.

Another thing I like to do is spend time with family both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I love watching them open presents, especially when I got them something, and I get to see their faces light up. My family enjoys seeing me light up when I get a gift, especially when it’s from my grandma Arlene Trewyn. She loves buying me gifts and always smiles when I thank her for all the gifts I received. 

I also love going over to my cousin’s house because it is always decorated with a Christmas village. I find it to be quite realistic, and it always smells like mint when I walk inside. Traditionally, we watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” because it is a comedy, and I love holiday movies.

I also love to open presents there because their house is always so festive and decorated with Christmas spirit.

Christmas is also a time when I get to see my cousins who come home from work. I love to talk to them in person instead of just online. I enjoy hearing about what they have been up to, and I tell them about my fall semester.

I truly cherish these times because I feel they are sacred compared to the summer months.

I love shopping for Christmas and the peaceful atmosphere on Christmas Eve.

Most of the time, I spend my Christmas Eve at my home opening the first rounds of presents with my pets and parents by my side. I always get excited the night before Christmas because I know I will be able to see family members again.

Over the years, I have decided that is what Christmas is all about: spending time with the ones you love while celebrating achievements and new beginnings.

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