Q & A with Lindsay Rusch

Dec. 9, 2015

The UW-W women’s bowling team has started off the year with a 14-11 record and is ranked No. 7 in the country. The Royal Purple was able to talk to the captain of the team, Lindsay Rusch, about the team’s season so far.

Royal Purple: What have you been most impressed with this season?

Lindsay Rusch: I think the way the team has looked is impressing.  We have a tight knit family, which definitely helps out on the lane.

RP: What do you hope to achieve this season, individually and as a team?

Rusch: We hope to reach where we were last year, returning to nationals and the Elite 8.  Individually I hope to help the team to the best of my ability.

RP: What has been your toughest match or moment this season and how did you handle it?

Rusch: Nebraska has definitely been the toughest match.  Whenever we play them it is a battle.  Communication has been a key part to success in making sure we aren’t splitting or making bad shots.

RP: How has this season compared to past seasons?

Rusch: This season is quite comparable to last year.  Our returners worked hard over summer and in the preseason to become even better and more competitive on the lanes.  This has clearly showed so far this season.

RP: Has your role in the team changed since you started, if so how has it?

Rusch: My role on the team has definitely changed since my freshman year. I’m one of six captains on the team this year.  I love that the girls on the team are comfortable asking me for help not only with their bowling game, but also in the classroom.