Top 10 workout songs of 2015

Jan. 27, 2015

By Charles Trafelet

The year has just begun and many people are making commitments toward their New Year’s resolutions. For a lot of people, their New Year’s resolution is to get moving.  Every new workout regimen needs a playlist of songs. A site called has compiled a “perfect” playlist for the new year.

“Confident,” by Demi Lovato: From the very beginning of this song, you feel the energy, which makes you want to jump out of your seat! The beat of the drums would go nicely with your footsteps as you run or your presses as you lift. Plus, Demi’s voice in this song really has a hint of determination and of course, confidence.

“Sunlight (Radio Edition),” by The Magician & Years and Years: This song has a bit of quirkiness to it that could make anyone want to move. Reminiscent of something you’d hear at the disco, you’ll find yourself taking breaths in time with the beat. This is the perfect song for a casual run through town or maybe a fun day playing frisbee outside with friends.

“Good to be Alive (Hallelujah),” by Andy Grammar: It’s got a funky beat to it, making anyone want to dance the day away. The song also has a positive message about not giving up that can be rather encouraging during a harsh workout. You can play this song in your earbuds while doing anything active and it will fit nicely.

“Emergency,” by Icona Pop: “Emergency” is one of those songs that is perfect for parties, but are still very adaptable for a workout. The beat in the background is quick and simple and the lyrics, despite being a bit questionable at times, go along with the beat nicely. This song can definitely be played anytime you want to feel like having fun while you workout.  

“Drag Me Down,” by One Direction: Despite starting off a bit slow, this song picks up quick. It has lyrics that can spark determination to do that little extra, and the acoustic guitar sounds fantastic. Overall, “Drag Me Down,” is a nice, soothing song that can still put a good kick in your step.

“Work this Body,” by Walk the Moon: With really fast speaking lyrics, “Work this Body” starts off strong and simply doesn’t stop. It’s fast for most of the song and even the so-called slow parts are still enough to get butts off of chairs. This song also has a bit of weirdness to it that’ll put a smile on your face.

“Hold my Hand,” by Jess Glynne: Jess Glynne has an amazing voice, and this song really shows that off. The instrumental in the back is bright and encouraging. Plus, the rhythm of the song along with the lyrics fit together and make you want to take on the world!

“Heartbeat Song (Nebuer Remix),” by Kelly Clarkson: This is a song about determination and getting through tough times. It’s a great one for playing while you work out, especially after a tough day. A workout you were dreading can become a breeze when you’re jamming out to “Heartbeat Song.”

“Whistle (While you work it),” by Katz Tiz: As the name might give away, this song has a lot of whistling in it. Of course, the lyrics along with it sound amazing by themselves, but when they are together, it sounds even better! You gotta whistle while you work it!

“Uptown Funk (Dave Aude Remix),” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars: “Uptown Funk” is a favorite of a lot of people for good reason. It has a beat that just doesn’t quit along with a mix of funk and jazz that can turn any room into a party. Playing this song while you workout is going to make you want to go faster, get stronger, lose more weight, whatever it may be!

It’s a new year and with a lot of work and a little help from some good music, it could be your year!

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