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Q&A with David Kroeze

By Emily Lepkowski

Feb. 3, 2016

Not only has senior David Kroeze found a home at UW-Whitewater, but he has also found a  home in Whitewater Student Government as the new vice president. The Royal Purple was able to sit down with David and talk about Whitewater and his new role in WSG.   


Royal Purple: What grade are you?

David Kroeze: I’m a senior, but I’m also a transfer student, so depending on how you want to evaluate me. (laughs) 

RP: Where did you transfer from?

DK: I came from UW-Madison in 2013 and actually, I transferred from Arizona State to Madison before that. 

RP: How did you end up at Arizona State and then Madison?

DK: It was all about switching those majors. When I went to Arizona, I wanted to study AstroPhysics, and it was a fantastic semester, but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do as a career with that degree. When I started doing some tutoring in math, I fell in love with education and I transferred to Whitewater to finish that degree. 

RP: Do you plan on being a math teacher?

DK: I think I want to be a math teacher for at least a couple of years. I want to get that experience, especially working with secondary education students, so I can really see what the field is like right now. 

RP: Coming from a couple of different schools, why did you choose to come to Whitewater?

DK: They offered something that really spoke to me, and I think it was the opportunity. I saw how many programs there were, how many student organizations there were, how welcoming the campus was, and I fell in love with it the first time I came to campus. I said that this is the place where I want to finish my degree and graduate and be proud to call my alma matter. 

RP: Which fraternity are you in, and what made you get involved in Greek life? 

DK: The fraternity is Alpha Sigma Phi, and when I came to campus I came to get more involved and to take advantage of those opportunities. I was talking to members that were explaining to me the values of leadership and academics. I fell in love. That’s why I came to college for those two experiences. It was a match made in heaven, I guess.

RP: Were you involved in similar things at Madison and Arizona?  Or is this all new?

DK: That’s exactly it, I wasn’t. I went to class, went back to my apartment, did homework, ate, sleep, repeat. So when I came to Whitewater, I wanted involvement. I wanted experiences.   

RP: Why WSG?

DK: I love this campus. It’s changed my life and sent it in a direction that I never thought it would. As I’m getting closer and closer to graduating, I want to give back. I want to serve the school in any capacity that I can. That’s why WSG attracted me, so I can be that person that serves. 

RP: Why do you think you were selected being that you were not on the senate the prior semester?

DK: It really came down to, at least my understanding, my previous leadership experience and accomplishments. Before I was vice president of WSG, I served as the president of Alpha Sigma Phi and of the Inter Fraternity Council. And then working in a system that’s based off the Constitution of Bylaws and in those leadership positions, I was able to guide, for instance, our fraternity to win a national award to be the best in the world. I think that really helped me stand out because that leadership experiences translational between different jobs.

RP: What are some of your other qualifications?

DK: Something I also bring to the table is experience working within diversity. I identify as a heterosexual gender male, yet I serve on the LGBT Peer Educator Committee. I work in the Student Involvement office and I work on committees that have gone to classrooms and discussed race and ethnicity. I love working with all of the students on campus and serving those things. That awareness of the culture and excitement that I get when I work with them was also something I was able to  bring to the table.

RP: How were you chosen for the position?

DK: A short list was put together by WSG and the advisors of top potential leaders on campus. An e-mail was sent out to those leaders with applications. I was offered the job and then, of course, I have to be approved by senate. So even having the job offer there, it’s still conditional. The senate had an opportunity to hear about my experiences and qualifications and they asked me questions as well. Then I was unanimously approved. 

RP: What do you hope to see accomplished this semester?

DK: My goal is to serve the president to the best of my ability and serve senate in the decisions that they make; like I said, it’s a matter of me serving, of me providing the tools and work that this campus needs. If it’s a matter of campus climate or sidewalks, my goal is to put everything that I have into it.   

RP: After graduation, do you have any plans or ideas of what you want to do next?

DK: I’ve looked into doing some teaching in the area and start paying off those student loans. But I’m really drawing more and more interest in a masters program here on campus. I still have some time to nail down some plans, but I’m just excited one way or another.

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Q&A with David Kroeze