Q&A with Megan Humphreys

By Evan Carlin

March 9, 2016

The UW-W Women’s tennis team is heading into its spring season with a 11-0 record and is set to take on Augustana on March 12.  The Royal Purple spoke with junior captain, Megan Humphreys, about the team’s season.

Royal Purple: What were you most pleased with in your fall season?

Megan Humphreys: I was most pleased with my team’s performance overall and winning the conference tournament. We are expected to do well in that tournament each year so everyone is out to beat us, but we all played really well and were able to get another conference title. I also was pleased with my performance at nationals. I lost my first round, but won my next two and took fifth overall. Making it to nationals again was a goal for me, so I was happy I was able to accomplish that.

RP: What are some things you and your team have worked on in preparation for the spring season?

MH: In preparation for the spring season, my teammates and I have been training hard in our off season. We had workouts and conditioning multiple times a week and would have captains practice. We focused a lot of our hitting on matches and competitive playing. I think that is important because we keep our minds in the match mentally and will be ready for the spring season matches.

RP: What are the team’s goals moving forward the rest of the season?

MH: We made it to the top 16 last year and hope we can make it further this year. We have a tough schedule and hope we can get some big wins under our belts in preparation for the tournament at the end of the season.

RP: What does it mean to you to be a captain for your team?

MH: I am honored to be a captain on this team. We have a great group of girls and I’m glad I can be a leader on and off the court for them. I try to be an example for them to follow and will push them to be their bests.

RP: Is there a meet that you are looking most forward to this spring? If so, why?

MH: We have our first meet at Augustana this weekend and I think we are all very excited for it. They are a tough team and will be a challenging first match back, but I’m excited to get the season underway and have a challenging match this weekend.