Do not fear the infamous job search

April 20, 2016

As college students, we are constantly looking towards things to come – having a full-time job, a house and maybe even a family. The biggest obstacle, however, is going from being a young, developing college student to a mature, well-polished and professional adult with a career and a future.

Column by  Andrew Eppen Multimedia Editor
Column by
Andrew Eppen
Multimedia Editor

As we begin to work our way up to our later years of college and begin the infamous “job search,” job postings appear written for those with far superior skills and experiences.

Hard-working, dedicated, deadline driven – those skills are easy enough to display and speak to. But having five or more years of professional experience is something few of us can boast about in a job interview.

While these qualifications are certainly alarming, college students should not be hindered by what may seem “above them.”

In talking with various professionals and sitting through several career-focused seminars, I have learned a few things: Don’t limit yourself to location, and you don’t need the perfect job right away. Overall, we come to learn what we enjoy through working that first job and going through various experiences throughout our professional career.

Through saying this, we must remain vigilant in our job search. Take every opportunity to network with professionals and students alike, follow-up with every person that you meet and seek advice from those farther along in your career path. The fact of the matter is, people are always willing to help and often look forward to seeing your development and success as a professional.

There are several outlets on campus for students to gain career help as well. Some of these options available from Career and Leadership Development include Resume Doctor, Career Counseling and Career Locker. When in doubt, visiting Career and Leadership Development in the University Center. Setting up an appointment with your respective career counselor is the best way to go to learn about different career paths to take after college.

While finding a career and starting a new life after school is certainly daunting, students should be excited for this time in their lives. Our careers are what we make of them, so choose one that you thoroughly enjoy.