Letter to the Editor: Make suicide prevention essential

April 27, 2016

Suicide is a major issue that has been brushed under the rug all too often.

Feelings of suicide not only occur in adulthood, but also can occur in years as early as grade school. I believe it is important to bring awareness and educate children in grade school about suicide and the feelings of suicide at such an early age.

More programs should be put into place in school districts to educate students about this tragic issue. Some things these programs could include would be education on mental illnesses associated with suicide, the warning signs to look for with someone who may be at risk, different resources that may be able to help or emergency suicide hotlines and different ways to cope with feelings of suicide.

Along with programs, school should also offer support groups for students who may already be at risk for suicide or who may be having serious feelings of depression.

Knowing warning signs and being educated about suicide at a younger age can make students more alert about the issue so they can be able to help themselves or others who may be in trouble. This also allows students to be aware of their own feelings more and may alert them to depressing or negative feelings they may be having so they can be able to talk to someone and be linked to a support group.

Bringing suicide out of the shadows not only educates students, but can ultimately save their lives.

Amanda Strupp
Social Work, Psychology BS