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Founded 1901

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Founded 1901

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Graduate goodbyes: Friendships, mentors and average grades

May 4, 2016

Before I say goodbye to the Royal Purple, I have to clarify one thing.

I spend a lot of time mulling things over in my head. Not that that makes me unique or special or anything like that – everyone does. There’s that little voice that permeates our thoughts, influences our actions and formulates our beliefs.  I think it’s called a conscious or something like that.

Column by  Jake Prinsen  Opinion Editor
Column by
Jake Prinsen
Opinion Editor

Anyways, mine’s a real bastard, and more often than not I have trouble speaking over it. That’s my way of saying I have a pretty profound case of social anxiety.

I wanted to establish that because sometimes my “shy” or “quiet” disposition can be off-putting to some people. They mistake my silence for anger, weirdness or a sense of superiority, but that’s not the case.

By remaining silent I actually have a lot of time to notice things – to notice people. And I must say, the people I’ve worked alongside at the Royal Purple are some of the best.

Brad: You’re a talented journalist and a published author. Keep up your hard work, and never stop dishing out that inspirational writing advice I’ve heard you give in the newsroom. Don’t be afraid to loosen up a little, but don’t go off the deep end as your vaping alter ego, Chad.

Amber: My fellow Sheboyganite! No one else understands the trashy awesomeness that is Sheboygan. You’ve got serious skills behind the camera lens. Hopefully our journalistic endeavors send us a little further than Sheboygan.

Mary: Your writing is consistently witty, original and hilarious. For example, I don’t think I will ever live to see another Chuck Berry bathroom joke in the newspaper.

Kim: I doubt there are many student journalists that can juggle as many responsibilities as you. You think fast and speak confidently. Shoot for the stars, but never forget the Royal Purp. And thanks for letting me borrow your coffee mug that one time. That was clutch.

St. Pete Pete & Emily: Hey guys, I’ve tried writing sports, and I’m no good at it. You guys are truly the best, and St. Pete Pete, your quotes for the section keep me young.

Ashley: You get my award for funniest person in the office. For real, a genuine sense of humor like yours takes intelligence. And that intelligence translated to your leadership role as managing editor. You did a great job. Thanks for always chatting with the quiet guy, all the way back to your days as graphics editor.

Vesna: You get my award for best editor in chief. Don’t tell Michael and Alex. But seriously, Vesna, you’re a great writer and an even better leader. If I ever am fortunate enough to work under you again, I will be more than grateful.

Dr. T: I remember every bad grade on every writing assignment I’ve ever gotten. In J-227 I got a C on a biographical story I wrote about one of my classmates because I didn’t follow AP style. After that, I learned AP style and paid special attention to everything you had to say about journalistic writing. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me, especially staying disciplined.

There are too many people to thank for helping me reach this milestone. In the English department I have to thank Dr. John McGuigan for allowing me to help with his research and Dr. Deborah Fratz for teaching me to read between the lines.

Goodbye Royal Purple, goodbye Whitewater but most importantly, goodbye to all the friends I’ve made here. I’ll see you all again in Hollywood when we become famous … or at the local tavern, whichever comes first.

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Founded 1901
Graduate goodbyes: Friendships, mentors and average grades