We’ve All Been There: Locked Out

Alena Purpero, Lifestyle Editor

Embracing your embarrassment builds character and that is what the Lifestyle section of the Royal Purple is all about. Share a story with us that, despite your previously rosey cheeks and sweaty palms, is now an amusing narrative that you can look back on and laugh.

From the alumni

“Freshmen year I called to make an appointment with my freshmen advisor and before I hung up I said “Thanks! Love you!” #RPEmbarrassing

-Vesna Brajkovic

From the staff

“After a class I gathered my stuff to leave, thankfully I was the last one to leave. As I got up to walk out of the classroom my professor called my name to come back. She gestured me to come closer to her and then whispered ‘hun, your backpack is hiking up the back of your skirt’. Going around the room is a petition to bring skorts back in style. #RPEmbarrasing”

-Alena Purpero, Lifestyle Editor

From the staff

“When I was a freshman, my RA told me about an event to meet other journalism students. I went to the wrong place, and eded up in an audition for a play inside the Center of the Arts. I was so embarrassed about being in the wrong place, and I didn’t want to be rude and leave while people were speaking or performing, so I waited 2 hours before getting up and leaving while the auditions were still going strong.” #RPEmbarrassing

-Brad Allen, Biz & Tech Editor