Sucess as a Scholar: 10 Ways to Manage Time

Jordan Barker, Staff Writer

1. Get a planner. The best way to stay on top of tasks is to see them written down in the same place. It will give you an idea of what you have going on that week.

2. The syllabus your professor gave you is your guide for the semester. Use it to your advantage. Put all the dates in your planner and start planning ahead.

3. When it comes to student orgs, prioritize. See what you have going on and remember you won’t be able to make everything. Do what’s important and try to make time for what matters to you.

4. Make to do lists. These will keep you focused and give you deadlines for the day.

5. Plan your meals. It may seem silly if you live on campus, but plan when or what you will eat. This will keep you from taking too much time away from homework and studying.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep. The worse thing you can do is put everything off until the last minute and have to stay up late each night trying to get everything done. Without enough sleep, you will end up getting sick or burnt out.

7. Use the weekends to your advantage. Yes, go out and have fun with your friends, but also plan for time to get things done and get a jump-start on the next week.

8. Try to remove yourself from distractions. If you can’t focus with the TV on and music playing, then go somewhere quiet. The library has quiet floors to get work done.

9. Make time for yourself. With everything going on, give yourself an hour a day or a couple times a week to do something you really enjoy.

10. Don’t forget to work out or blow off steam. College gets stressful, so give yourself a healthy outlet that lets you handle everything.