Athletic director to be replaced

Amy Edmonds to stay in intercollegiate athletics department as associate director


Kimberly Wethal, Co-Editor in Chief


Amy Edmonds, current athletic director for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, will be changing job positions to become an associate athletic director once an interim director is named in her place.

UW-Whitewater spokesperson Sara Kuhl did not elaborate on the reason for the change in Edmonds’ role within the Intercollegiate Athletics department.

Additionally, Kuhl did not elaborate on who made the decision to change Edmonds’ role within the department, but did note that the role of athletic director is directly below the chancellor, meaning that Chancellor Beverly Kopper having a say in Edmonds’ role change is not guaranteed, but likely.

Any changes seen in the athletic department due to a shift in Edmonds’ role will be subject to the decision of the interim athletic director, of whom is expected to be named by the university representatives this week. Until then, Kuhl says, the new roles and responsibilities of both Edmonds and Robert Lanza, current associate athletic director, will be decided by whoever fills the interim athletic director post.

Regardless of whatever roles and responsibilities are assigned to her by a new interim athletic director, Edmonds will take a cut in salary. In the 2014-2015 academic year, Edmonds made $100,000; however, her pay will drop to $63,246 as an associate director.

The Royal Purple made attempts to contact Edmonds, Jeff Arnold, vice chancellor for administrative affairs, and the Human Resources department via phone call. Messages were not returned.


— Kimberly Wethal