Dear Ellie: Drifting apart from a friend

Ellie Weidner, Staff Writer


Dear Evan M.

I’m so sorry to hear that. It’s always sad to see friendships fall apart. One thing that everyone should start to learn is that there are several stages of life and sometimes during the changes of stages, we lose some people who are important to us. This is a natural occurrence, but it is still really hard to get used to.

In any case, I would advise pulling that friend aside and being open and honest with your feelings. It may be hard, but in the long run, your relationship can flourish. Explain why you don’t feel comfortable and ask if there’s any way that the two of you could work out a solution together. Keep in mind that sometimes even the closest friends can grow apart.

Even though it sounds cheesy, do your best and be yourself. If this friendship doesn’t work out, UW-Whitewater has thousands of students who are in the same boat as you. It’s okay to spread your wings and live a little. Try to coordinate a study time with classmates or go to public events like homecoming or football games. Overall, just be friendly to everyone. The best friendships can grow unexpectedly.

— Ellie Weidner, staff writer