Student run fishing class reels in the community

Sam Frink, Staff Writer

Cravath Lake is often the physical divide between UW-Whitewater students and the full-time residents of Whitewater.

But one student aims to use this often-overlooked resource to bridge that gap.Earlier this month, senior Steve Nebel, president of the UW-Whitewater Fishing Team partnered with Athletic Program Coordinator for the City of Whitewater Park District Brian de la Torriente, to start a youth fishing class, in the heart of Whitewater at Cravath Lake.

The class meets on Tuesday’s from 5-6:30 p.m. at the Cravath Lakefront Community Center, 341 S. Fremont St. and is free to attend.

“We usually have between five and six members of the team to help out the 20 or so kids that come each week,” Nebel said.

“The student-run class benefits the community as well as the students” Lindsey Marks,  parent of a participant, said. “Parents have a way to get kids interested in fishing and the outdoors, while students have a fun way to fulfil their community service requirement from the university.”

“It wasn’t hard to get some of team out to help,” says Nebel, “The guys just want to get kids fishing. I think the services hours are just an added perk.”

        Members of the team said that the Lake had too many weeds to be fishable for the children. So Nebel and other members launched their boats into the lake in a successful efforts to clear weeds, rendering the space more usable.

        “We came down a few days before the first class and noticed it would be very hard for the kids to get a line in the water,” Nebel said. “So a few of us came back and kind of dredged it out.”

        For more information regarding the class and other activities in and around Whitewater please visit: or contact Brian de la Torriente at [email protected]