43rd district assembly candidate expresses concern about campus assaults

Allison Hetz, Candidate for Wisconsin's 43rd Assembly

I have been a Whitewater resident for many years now.  I have served my community diligently in many roles and I love Whitewater very much.  But I must say that I am deeply concerned about the number of sexual assaults that have happened recently on this campus.

  As a survivor myself, it worries me that day after day I receive emails from concerned parents and students about if they are safe on this campus and in this community.

When we hear ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ we must also apply this to other facets of life as well.

Working on and pushing forward the “It’s On Us” campaign at UW-Whitewater for the last two years I know that there are dedicated individuals looking to solve this problem, however I’d like to point out that it will take the whole community to come together on this issue.

People come here to further their education and to grow as members of our society, not to worry about going outside alone to be assaulted.  I’d like to take this moment and ask that the University and the City of Whitewater come together to say that sexual assault is not okay and to look into options to solve this reccurring problem.

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