Positivity is needed with Trump win

Sierra High, Communication BA

With the election finally over one would think the drama between the two candidates and parties would subside, though It seems to have only gotten worse. People are lashing out over the result of Donald Trump being named President. This whole election has been about scandals, lies, and incivility. I was never a fan of Clinton, I was never a fan of Trump, and I was never a fan of their destructive campaigns. I think a lot of people can agree with that, but what kills me is what I am reading on social media about the election and the outcome. People need to take a step back and realize what we have going on here in America, and that we should celebrate. Celebrate the fact that we have the freedom to vote, celebrate that we have the freedom to voice our own opinions. What a privilege that is. It has been crazy so far reading everything people are posting. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, their own views, and their own emotions. It seems as if my Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram is full of hate post-election… and not hate towards the candidates, but hate towards people’s opinions. It is incredible to read these posts, though I am slightly embarrassed to call some of these people my “friends”. Writing about leaving the country, and hating on those who voted differently than you is just some of the negatively I am witnessing. Not only is that very irrational, it gives off the sense that people have lost hope in this country and lost hope for humanity. Sure I may not be the happiest with the outcome, but I will never bash someone based on their political views and opinions. Educate yourself first, and then educate others. If you could take one thing from this time of trouble, I would ask for people to stay positive. Your life is not over. Everything will be okay if we are all decent, respectable people.

“Donald Trump is going to be our President. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”- Hillary Clinton

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