Indie artist debuts relatable album

Indie artist debuts relatable album

Hannah Maes, Arts and Rec editor

David Jacobsen is an independent solo artist and singer/songwriter whose music in his new album, Chagrin, focuses on both personal and general issues that affect all of us. He uses his personal experiences as an artist and musician to portray universal struggles, like loneliness, the longing to feel relevant, and the constant search for unconditional love. Jacobsen uses meaningful lyrics to display humanity’s shared insecurities about not being good enough and trying to become someone you’re not, simply for the sake of being accepted.

Jacobsen has a Billy Joel-esque guitar style, but his voice is all his own. He uses voice inflections that sound like they are more suited for dialogue than for music, but he somehow manages to make them seamlessly fit with the musical background. The guitar and rhythm section remains very consistent throughout every song, and although that can be soothing to the listener, a little more variety within the guitar solo’s would really spice up the album when switching from song to song.

Overall, the album flows very well. Every song deals with different, but similar, themes that are relatable to every audience, not just those involved in the music industry. The album features 20 songs, one of which is a spin on the classic “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, only now it’s “Guitar Man”. Jacobsen runs through the lives of the people at the bar, talking about their failures and triumphs and why the only place they feel somewhat happy is at a dinky bar on a Tuesday night. This style of songwriting continues throughout the album as Jacobsen shares his experiences as a performer on college campuses and the students he meets. Every song has a story, and every story develops the various themes of the album. The songs vary from chipper, upbeat songs about love to somber morose songs about disappointment and the fear of failure.

This album is perfect for anyone struggling with life’s usual curveballs, like loss of love, craving success, and a longing to be accepted.