Student org makes IMPACT through Drag show

Nicole Aimone, Lifestyle Editor

At the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, IMPACT, a student organization on campus that focuses on being an ally of to LBGT students, has hosted a drag show for the past eight years.

The show features many drag performers from Madison, Janesville and Milwaukee, as well as Whitewater alumni. Profits from the show go toward helping students involved in the organization get to conferences that help them network and connect better advocate for the LBGT community on campus.

Having a show like this on campus is an amazing opportunity for both the oganization, as well as any people who are not sure how to feel about the experience.

For IMPACT, as well as the LBGT community, this drag show is a great way to share their community and their way of expressing themselves with others.

This gives them the opportunity to spread the word IMPACT, and the organization’s mission. It allows them to get up in front of an audience, allowing them to get the word out about their organization and make people aware of their meeting time and place.

Sponsoring this event also is a form of advertisement for IMPACT, because they are able to get their name out on campus, and have it associated with an event that is a little more unusual then the typical org sponsored event, which helps draw attention to them.

Hosting an event like this not only helps the org advertise for new members and allies to the community, it also allows them to share their mission, of advocating for the LBGT community, and connecting the community with allies. It allows the orgaization to share a really interesting part of their community with everyone else, in a way that is crazy entertaining.

Having an event like this through a student organization and on campus can also really benefit the people who are hesitant on how to feel about their experience with a drag show.

This allows for those people to be presented the community and the show in a safe environment, a place that they are able to trust. This will allow them to learn about the community in a safe space where the people are looking to find allies to the community, so they are very open to exposing and educating people.

There are many experiences that people will face when they enter college, some they may like, some they may not.