Royal Purple goes ‘digital first’


Kimberly Wethal, Editor-in-Chief

The beauty of working at a student-run college newspaper is our natural ability to learn and adapt to new concepts.

Because students produce stories, make photographs and tap into their imaginations as they create graphics in an environment that is already built for learning, we also never stop looking for ways to improve our news gathering processes.

That’s why this year we’re taking a new approach, going digital first, and treating our weekly print edition like the Sunday edition of any print newspaper. We’ll be reserving our best for the ink.

Want to read up on what the Common Council discussed last night? It’ll be online as soon as we can get it up there. The analysis will be in print the following week.

Need a recap of one of the Warhawks’ sporting teams latest games? Our reporters and photojournalists will be working hard to get the story  to you as quickly as possible.

We’re making this transition because it’s how the professionals publish their work, and being both dedicated to the development of our student journalists and excelling in community coverage, this switch to digital first just makes sense.

It is important to remember that this is a transition, so we’ll be working out the bugs in the first couple of weeks of the semester and we ask for your patience – along with your feedback. If there’s something you don’t see on our website, on our Facebook or Twitter feeds, that you feel is really vital to our community, ask for it. We can be reached through by a message to us on Facebook, a direct message slide into our Twitter inbox or through email at [email protected]. From there we’ll connect you to a reporter.

We can’t wait to debut this new style of production this semester, and to do this for you, our reader, is an honor. Keep reading.