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Nicole Aimone

Nicole Aimone, News Editor

I am Nicole Aimone, I’m the News Editor. I’m from Plainfield, Illinois. I’m a junior journalism major with a history minor. I enjoy reporting on campus events and breaking news at UW-Whitewater and around the community.

I became a journalist simply because I love history, and as a journalist you get to be apart of reporting history while it’s being made, and people will forever benefit and look back on the events and news you covered as a part of their lives.

I have worked for the Royal Purple for three years now, first as a staff writer. I then began working as the Assistant News Editor, the lifestyle editor and now as the News Editor. I have also worked as editor for catalogs and journals for various companies.

I’m excited to work as News Editor this semester, and provide this campus and this community with journalism to keep them informed, so people will always remember the history as it’s being made.

We hope that you will get used to us tracking down stories and photos, and enjoying the content we put out each week. We are excited to work with you.