Simpler policies, counterfeit solutions

Since January 20, we’ve “virtualized” great things totally inconceivable earlier–and still today.  So now what?

Health Care? Do exercise; it lowers premiums, corrects pre-existing conditions.  Golf? Tax Reform? Lower the tax of the “one-percenters.” Since others pay no taxes at all, this balances things. 

De-taxing banishes “budget-appearance,” stimulates the “money-drip.” About this, the elite classes are “all a-twitter.”

The (so-called) Environment? We’ll somehow store future hurricane-strength floods in the Ogolallia Aqueduct. How? 

A Mexican Mall might help, if the foremen are of European-ancestry. 

Infrastructure? Office windows must be open-able.  Prepare for natural climate-cooling– like Korea.

Or majestic Russia’s “freeze-&-burn” heritage. Technology? Nothing yet really cleans a dirty concrete floor.  Swampy!  But soluble–we’ll fixate chemistry, or even hiring post-deported workers.

The Media?  Introduce “flake news”–you peal off only what you can afford plus endure. 

“Alternate facts” become “alternating facts.”  If we agree, which probably not.

Global Leadership? Should be “flexibly immobilized.” The “Trans-Arctic Pipeline” will be constructed, or not depending. As for glorious Russia–just “wait and don’t see,”

Capitalism? Thrift-store price-tags still don’t

peel off easily.  But “remove and replace” is more market-friendly. Still, we can’t do everything at once, just something eventually maybe.

So–we don’t know about you, but “we haven’t seen anything yet.” Let’s “remit our future past.”  But, “never debase the base.”

Brian-Kevin Beck

Assoc. Prof. UW-W (Ret.)