UW System president proposes UW Colleges merger

UW-Rock County would join UW-W under proposal


Nicole Aimone, News Editor

University of Wisconsin System President Ray Cross is proposing a restructuring of the system’s 35 universities and colleges.

He announced the proposal in an Oct. 11 news release.

The proposal suggests merging all University of Wisconsin-Colleges, the system’s two-year extensions schools, with its nearest four-year UW-Universities.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater would be merged with University of Wisconsin-Rock County, the closest two-year college.

If the proposed adjustment gets voted in by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents during their November meeting, the changes will begin on July 1, 2018.

According to the news release, the changes are proposed to improve access to higher education, and improve the cost of receiving a higher education.

“We must be bold and reform where we can so our institutions can continue to meet the needs of the state and our students,” Cross said in a statement. “By integrating our campuses – leveraging resources and shared talent across the campuses – we can greatly improve access and enhance offerings to the communities we serve, while realizing efficiencies and potential cost savings.”

Chancellor Beverly Kopper also sent out a news release, following Cross’ announcement.

Kopper stated her commitment to the restructuring, and ensures the university will work to make an easy transition.

You have my promise that the administration at UW-Whitewater is committed to making this potential transition as seamless as possible,” Kopper said in a statement.

The system has created a forum where students, staff and faculty from both UW-Rock County and UW-Whitewater, and can be found at http://go.uwsa.edu/restructuringfeedback.