Symposium eyes new projects


Evan Halpop

Students attend the e-portfolio seminar, which focused on implementing portfolios for students. Many of the students are majoring in Corporate/Health Communication.

Garrett Kluever, Biz and Tech Editor

Communicating Health in Practice (CHIP) invited experts from across the state to discuss emerging communication and health practices with students at the 6th annual Corporate and Health Communication Symposium Oct. 19.

“I felt it was important to increase awareness of the campus and community initiatives,” said Associate Professor Kate Ksobiech, who coordinated the event.

CHIP is targeted for students who are majoring in Corporate/Health Communication, but is also open to any student who wants to take part. The symposium consisted of three sessions, such as a workshop for constructing e-Portfolios.

“Since I am in a health communication class, I wanted learn a couple alternative communication techniques,” junior Brina Riddle said.

A Healing & Health Through Art seminar discussed using art as a medium for communicating and coming together. Students etched messages of hope, courage and love on small clay tiles as part of the Walls of Strength program from SC^4 (Sisters Central City Circle of Change) group out of Milwaukee. It is a group of female professionals who already built two ‘living walls’ with those messages in Milwaukee.

The seminar begins the process for building a third sculpture on the UW Whitewater campus.

Three designs were presented to board and faculty members and are yet to be decided.

“Everything is just starting to get going and looks to be promising once plans are finalized,” said Marcelo Alamo, graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. “We’re excited to be working with the community in and around the campus.”

The final panel of the symposium discussed food insecurity, access, and student health and wellness.

It featured Lauren Smith from the Warhawk Emergency Fund, Kristine Zaballos from the UW-W Student Food Pantry Initiative and Lacey Reichwald, chair of the Whitewater Grocery Co. They discussed people’s access to food, as well as how to eat healthier as a whole.

An initiative in the works for next semester called Warhawk Breakfast Club will encourage planned, healthy breakfast choices.