How you can change life today

Ross Guyette, Staff Writer

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day has passed, but your chance to make an impact remains.  University of Wisconsin Whitewater is trying to bring awareness to a big issue impacting each of us. The issue of improperly disposing of medication has never been so important.  As the day for awareness was October 28th, time for action is now.  

The issue of proper drug recycling lies with us, we must become more proactive in using effective measures, so we no longer damage our environment and we can start to pick up the mess we have left behind in the past.

When speaking with professors on campus, Professor of Biology Elisabeth Harrahy said. “in the old days people were told to pour their unused drugs down the drain, eventually making its way to a wastewater treatment plant, and unfortunately these plants are not designed to remove those kinds of chemicals”.  

With this damage already done, it is more urgent than ever to recycle, with our ecosystems already affected.  We no longer have the streams and waterways we once had, as now most are affected with drugs that found their way down people’s drains.  These drugs can be toxic and dangerous to the health of the surrounding ecosystems.                                                    

In many cases distributors will target people to better themselves with products. These medications are getting into the same waterways that we draw drinking water from, putting many people at risk.

Professor Harrahy admits “it has become a really big issue, and it’s best to know where these drugs need to go.”  This issue has become so vast, there are now organizations dedicating themselves on the sole mission of properly recycling medications.

You can start making a difference by disposing of unused or expired medication year-round at one of our drop-off boxes and help keep your community and environment safe. They are located at the University Center (near UW Credit Union) and in the Goodhue Hall front lobby.