Tips for landing that job

Hannah Schultz, Staff Reporter

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater will be holding the Fall 2017 graduation commencement on Saturday, December 16. College graduation marks the completion of a long journey through education. Students have fulfilled all the requirements in their selected majors and minors, and are entering the workforce.

To outsiders, this may seem like a time for celebration, however, to most students this can be stressful and frustrating, as they begin the job search. Luckily, there are professionals in the area willing to offer advice to graduating students, along with those still enrolled.

Do Your Research

Employers are looking for a specific type of employee that best fits the company. No matter how many jobs a student is applying for, they should always be highly knowledgeable about the company’s ins and outs.

“Anyone can go on the internet and do a quick search to find tips on getting a job after graduation,” says Robin Starkenburg, marketing manager at Topcon, Fort Atkinson. “But, Google doesn’t always know what the employer is looking for in an employee.”

Tailor Your Resume

A resume is a very important part of the job application. It shows the hiring employer accomplishments, skills, and previous positions held. A well-constructed resume can grab the attention of the reviewer, and may be helpful in the selection process.

“While you are in college, be sure to get involved in organizations,” says Becky Schultz, editor in chief of Equipment Today Magazine. “When reviewing resumes, I am always looking for the applicant that was most active in school. Getting an internship is also vastly important in the job search.

Be Confident

Always be confident when interviewing for a position. Confidence is appealing to employers.

“There’s no use stressing about an interview,” says Starkenburg. “Good interview skills are important, but what really matters is what the applicant will bring to the company.”

“Nerves are hard to get over, but when you do; there’s a better chance of getting the job,” says Schultz.

Finding a job can seem intimidating and stressful, but with the right preparation it can end with success. After graduation, students can stay worry-free about entering the workforce, and continue to celebrate their accomplishment of finishing school.