Event brings new activities to campus


Brenda Echeverria, Arts & Rec Editor

Magician Daniel Martin headlined the Warhawks at Night event Jan. 26 in the University Center Hamilton Room where students gathered to see his improvised magic and sarcasm.
Martin performed his pick-pocketing tricks, among others. He had the crowd laughing, cheering and questioning reality as he performed mind-bending tricks to end the Warhawks at Night event.
The event – which has been put on in previous years – also featured a movie, live music by Janzow Miller, a DJ in the UC Down Under, woodblock painting, sumo suit wrestling, a caricaturist, casino night, free bowling, billiards and trivia, all capped off by magician Daniel Martin.
“Last year, we had comedian Drew Lynch, and a lot of people showed up for that,” UC Entertainment Assistant Valerie Tomberlin said. “He had been on America’s Got Talent, so he was kind of a big deal.  We’re hoping for a big turnout this year, too.”
Warhawks at Night was a coordination project between UC Entertainment, UW-Whitewater Dining Services, Career and Leadership Development, Roberta’s Art Gallery, Warhawk Alley and the James R. Connor University Center.
Having students stay on campus in Whitewater is sometimes a challenge since many prefer to go home on the weekends; however, events like these try to get students to stay and to be more involved on campus, Tomberlin said.
“Because this event is on the first weekend of the semester, I think generally it does help because students are excited to be back and there’s a lot going on. I definitely think it helps keep students here and to be involved on campus,” Tomberlin said. “Students show up and they have a good time and that’s what we aim to do.”
Freshman Rachael Barnes, attended the Warhawks at Night event with her group of friends. She said her favorite part of the evening was painting woodblocks at Robert’s Art gallery.
Senior Mickey Biging said the sumo suit wrestling was tiring but a lot of fun.
“We don’t generally come to the events in the UC and were not expecting to see sumo suit wrestling” Biging said.
Both of  his friends Alex Tyler and Hanai Nakai agreed that it was a really nice surprise and said it was a lot of fun. They were all waiting to see the magician as well later in the night.