Students and advisors provide insight to first year students


Gabriella Neurock, Lifestyle Editor

With the semester coming to a close, registering for classes seems like just another thing we need to check off the to-do list before a well deserved break.

For first year students, however, registering for classes is a huge step in their college career. Not only are they adjusting to a whole new atmosphere, they’re also often hesitant about choosing a major and deciding what classes are most fitting for them.

When it comes to picking a major, it is crucial to explore the various options UW-Whitewater has to offer, according to senior Natalie Nadelhoffer, who changed her major freshman year to Communications with an emphasis in Electronic Media and a minor in Coaching.

“I knew I had a passion for sports, and I loved doing things hands on,” Nadelhoffer said.  “I didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day. I wanted to do something in the media workplace and electronic media really stood out to me.”

Nadelhoffer also expressed that although they may not be a student’s first choice, Friday classes are not as bad as they seem.

“It’s okay to have Friday classes. Just think in high school you went to classes five days a week and probably started really early in the morning having class all day. One or two classes on Friday is okay,” said Nadelhoffer.

Junior Sarah Johnson also struggled when choosing her major, and she changed from Communicative Sciences and Disorders to Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education. When asked what advice she would give to first year students, Johnson stressed the importance of the new student seminar class offered to freshman.

“I would recommend them to take the Intra University class even though they might not want to,” Johnson said. “It’s beneficial and make sure to meet with your advisor before trying to pick your classes because they help a lot.”

Libby Vodra, an academic advisor to freshmen, gave insight on what exactly you should do before choosing your semester classes.

“I would tell students don’t put stuff in your shopping cart too early, because a lot of students start to see classes close and then they freak out because they can’t get that perfect schedule and will have to take an 8 a.m. instead,” Vodra said. “That is okay though, classes will be open so just be patient.”

Vodra also advised students to keep looking at classes over the summer because spots can open up in your specific section and things can change last minute. is also a huge tool that students on campus use when picking their courses. If they have a certain class that they may be interested it is important to make sure they have chosen a professor that they connect with.

Current freshman, Elementary Education major and Special Education minor Amelia Ford explained that Ratemyprofessor was a beneficial tool for her when choosing classes.

“You don’t want a bad professor, so make sure to look up your professor before picking your classes,” said Ford.

The first year of college should be an exciting one. It is important to utilize resources provided by the academic advising office—as well as your advisor, professors, peer mentors and resident assistants—to direct you in the right direction. They are here to help and want to see you through a successful college career.