Advertising chief cherishes fond memories, hard work

Maddy Scheel, Advertising Manager

Over the last three years, the Royal Purple has been such a big part of my life. I learned so much and I met so many great people. I am so appreciative of this experience, and I recommend other students to work here!

It was such a great experience to learn and grow as a professional, while being surrounded by people who are there to guide you. I wouldn’t have had such a great college experience without this paper and the advertising department.

I’ve always been lucky to work with great people who have invested so much time, effort and skill into the advertising department and into the paper as a whole. I had such a great team with year and we accomplished so much, I am SO proud! I hope that the advertising department continues to grow and become stronger than ever, and I think we did a great job in building that platform this year.

I’m excited to see how it develops and evolves, because with Dr. Shin, Melissa and Dr. Zukas here, it definitely will. I am going to miss all of the excitement and fun that the Royal Purple has brought me and the people, as well. I know that there will be some great people working in the advertising department next year, and I will miss being a part of the action. I want to give a huge shout out to Emily Curley, the best graphic designer any advertising department could ask for. You are so awesome and creative. I cannot wait to see where you go with your brilliant mind. I’m so glad I got to have you to go through these last few years with and I’m so glad the paper got to benefit from your great talent and personality as a whole.

I also want to shout out Erika Marion for being such a talented and helpful human. No matter where you work on the paper, I know you will being such greatness to it. You always are so bright and happy, and you should always be that way. You brought humor at times when it was much needed, and you made things really fun. As a manager, I loved working with you guys this year and I wish it could continue, but I know you’ll all do amazing things in the future.

Taylor, you were so helpful and you brought great ideas and such a great attitude, I am very glad I got to work with you.

I also want to shout out Emily LeClair because you taught me everything I needed to know as a manager. I loved working with you, and you were very missed this year. Thanks for making my years at the Royal Purple and at Whitewater so great!

It wouldn’t be the same without the Royal Purple, and I’ll miss the advertising department and all of the paper so very much. Thanks for the memories that I will always cherish.