UW-Rock County merger becomes official

Killian Jauch, News Editor

University of Wisconsin-Rock County will be renamed to University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at Rock County this fall after a UW System restructuring of schools throughout the state.

  The decision was made by The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents in December 2017, and the official restructure took effect July 1.

  “The day we found out about the restructuring, it was kind of a surprise,” said UW-W Student Government (WSG) President Tom Kind. “The reason wasn’t exactly clear at first, but throughout the next few weeks we continued to get more information.”

  The restructure means all UW-RC students are now students of UW-W, despite attending classes at a different campus.

  “I think it can potentially be a great service to the students,” said Professor Yuri Rashkin, who teaches at both campuses. “Direct connection to UW-W can really help the campus grow in terms of activities and opportunities which can now be offered to students in Janesville.”

  Although the restructure is mostly unchartered territory, UW System officials remain hopeful that the process will benefit all students and faculty.

  “We truly think this will be a good thing for everyone involved,” UW System Communications Manager Nicole Anspach said. “We want every student in our system to have the best experience possible.”

  In the beginning of the first year of the restructure, people from both campuses are optimistic about the future.

   “In my opinion, we have the best relationship of any two universities in our university system,” Kind said. “We are truly trying to focus on all aspects of the relationship and hope to continue growing as the year goes on.”