Subway restaurant gets fresh look

Remodel adds additional room to Main Street business


Grace Holler

Garrett Lamb works on a customer’s sandwhich order. The Subway at 1170 W Main Street, Whitewater is undergoing a few renovations during the next several weeks.

Jeffrey Wardon, Jr., Biz & Tech Editor

The Subway restaurant at 1170 W Main St. is getting a new look and an upgrade.

The restaurant will remain open during construction. One of the restaurant’s co-owners, Meera Bhatnadar, said the restaurant’s ceiling was leaking, and the windows needed repairs, prompting the renovations.

Maintenance crews will also add a new space near the entrance to allow for higher

Grace Holler
photo by Grace Holler / Photo Editor

capacity of customers in the restaurant.

“It is an addition for extra room that will include heating and cooling as well,” said Satyen Bhatnadar, the other co-owner of the restaurant.

The pair said customers and the restaurant’s employees seem to appreciate the additions and repairs to the building.

The remodeling work began in July. The co-owners said they hope the projects will be completed within a few weeks.