Chancellor shares thoughts on husband’s dismissal from UW-W

Kopper reacts to harassment probe

Beverly Kopper, Chancellor

Dear Campus Colleagues,

I want to share with you a difficult situation for me personally and professionally.  The University of Wisconsin System completed, and has now released, an independent investigation into sexual harassment allegations made against the Associate of the Chancellor, Pete Hill, who is my husband. 

Although we typically do not discuss personal issues publicly, I feel it is important to make this one exception, and I have UW System’s permission to do so.

I fully supported and cooperated with UW System’s investigation.  It was determined that the allegations had merit.  The UW System has ended my husband’s unpaid appointment as Associate to the Chancellor and restricted him from attending University of Wisconsin-Whitewater events.  I supported this decision and put it into effect immediately.

As Chancellor, my top priority has always been, and will continue to be, ensuring that UW-Whitewater is a welcoming campus for all and that students, faculty and staff have a positive and safe environment in which to learn, live and work.

As you can imagine, this is a challenging and unique set of circumstances for me as a wife, as a woman and as your Chancellor.  As your Chancellor, I have worked diligently to ensure each of you has the supportive environment you need and deserve in which to do your amazing work.

I remain deeply committed to serving you and continuing the work of our university to provide our students with an education that is truly transformational and to make a difference in our communities, the state, nation and the world.


Beverly Kopper, Chancellor