Kind ready to serve students in second term

When I started looking ahead this year to my second term as Wisconsin Student Government (WSG) president, I asked what changes needed to be addressed on campus that would have measurable success and garner the support needed to secure the best outcome. After some thinking, I’ve realized that’s the wrong question. The right question is: how will we as servant leaders represent students’ needs?

I have a passion for working with other people. I love when we see success brought by collaboration. I want to see the people around me accomplish their goals, because all of us want to see the campus an even better place for everyone here.

There is a team of 11 students, including two from University of Wisconsin-Rock County, already working to do just that. This is a dream team. They have strengths they will use and passions that will be encouraged. They will be incredible servant leaders, and I am honored to work with them.

The directors of academic affairs, Zach Klotz and Cela Castillo, ([email protected]) are here to address student academic issues. That can include things like barriers to graduation, disability needs in academic settings, advocating for new courses and programs and supporting faculty, especially people of color and those who are heavily involved in our campus and community.

The directors of student affairs, Marco Marquez and Olivia Storey, ([email protected]) are here to focus on student needs. That’s a broad topic, and they are starting with awareness campaigns related to prevention of sexual assault and anti-hazing, supporting mental health, supporting the students with disabilities and access to campus resources.

Our director of community and communication, Michael Barrera, ([email protected]) and our director of marketing and public relations, Elliott Torrence, ([email protected]) are focused on reaching outward to campus and the surrounding community. This new role in WSG is intended to foster relationships and partners with our community leaders, landlords and businesses to provide students with the resources they need. One example is the Housing Fair Oct. 2 from 10 to 3 p.m.

Speaker Charles Kudy ([email protected]) is working with our senate to leave their mark on campus by advocating for students in the legislative wing of our government. The senators are advocates, legislators, campus committee members, but most importantly students concerned with how campus policies and committees are affecting student life.

Vice President Zoe Miller and myself ([email protected] and [email protected]) are concerned with our campus’ strategic plan value of Shared Governance, how students are involved in the university decision making processes and how the university utilizes the talent of our student leaders. It is my intention that our work will insure that students are at the table in problem solving as well as decision making. This is key to improve and maintain a strong foundation for the next leader to further what is best for students and campus.

I believe the most important initiative for our university is to remember to encourage and foster a culture of servant leadership and to emphasize its importance in everything we do. Fellow students, your voice matters, and that is what I want to see brought back into our university culture.