Creating depth

Art gallery showcases art made with broken glass


Grace Holler

The current exhibit at Roberta’s Art Gallery features works by artist Kristin Quackenbush, who utilizes different colors of broken glass to create visual depth in her pieces.

Samantha Lynn, Staff Reporter

The “Look at What Can Happen When You Play with Broken Glass” exhibit is on display in Roberta’s Art Gallery, following a reception held Sept. 26 for artist Kristin Quackenbush, who stood before her art and the Whitewater community to answer questions.

Much of the artwork on display depicts nature and the four seasons. Quackenbush, an eighth grade art teacher in Madison, has been working with glass for about 14 years.

“I love it because you get really bright color and transparency so you can work with layers and depth,” Quackenbush said.

Quackenbush said her favorite part about art displays is “having it in one room properly displayed with good lighting.” She doesn’t often participate in art exhibits because she prioritizes her teaching duties.

Junior Avery Jenks works as the exhibit lead in the Roberta’s Art Gallery in the University Center. She said her favorite part about the exhibit was how colorful the different art pieces are.

“It’s getting colder out and everything’s turning brown,” Jenks said. “It’s nice to have something that’s bright and vibrant.”

The art display peaked students’ interest, including some who are not art majors. Junior Anna Thompson, who is an environmental science major, attended the art reception and found inspiration in it.

“I like going to these events because they inspire me, bring me creativity and impress me,” Thompson said.

Thompson added that attending art exhibits and other campus events is nice because “it’s a break from what I am doing as an environmental scientist.”

This exhibit will be showcased in the art gallery until Oct. 23.

Roberta’s Art Gallery will host other exhibits and receptions as the fall semester continues. All students and community members are invited to attend.