The RP is here to serve students

Royal Purple, Editorial Staff Opinion

The Royal Purple is a weekly student-run newspaper, but it’s no secret that news happens on University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s campus just about every day. While it’s true that we only release one printed newspaper a week, we are committed to giving students, professors and community members the news as it unfolds.

We are fortunate to have an incredibly hard-working staff here at the RP. Our editors and reporters work day and night to find and tell the stories that impact this campus and community. Our photographers and graphics team put in long hours to help readers visualize stories. Our advertising staff works with local businesses to make it all possible. It might seem like we are bragging a bit, but we really do have a very talented and dedicated staff.

That staff is here to serve you each and every day. Don’t get us wrong, we are all full-time students and have other responsibilities outside of the school paper. Most of us hold part-time jobs in addition to the 15-20 hours a week we put in at the Royal Purple. But we care about this paper and campus more than can be put into words.

We have worked extremely hard this year to improve our presence on our website ( and social media platforms. Through increased use of our Facebook and Twitter (@RoyalPurpleNews), we are working harder than ever to bring you news when it happens. Each of our editors has a Twitter account that can be found on our website in their staff biography. Through these accounts, we will be sharing news and information related to campus throughout the week. If you see something newsworthy, reach out to us at [email protected].

Speaking of websites, ours got a bit of a fresh look this year. We designed a new logo and changed up the layout. Our website and social media manager, Catherine Smith, has done a tremendous job with this project. With our writers and photographers committing themselves to compiling stories on events as they occur, and with Smith getting them up on social media and the website during the week, we hope to share fresh content with our readers each and every day.

We are a weekly paper. That won’t change anytime soon. We are here to tell the stories at the UW-W every day, if needed. It might take some late-night copy editing in the light of a lamp or running into a protest yielding pen and paper, but we are excited to do it for you.