‘Valkyria Chronicles 4’ harbors solid experience

Jeffrey Wardon, Jr., Biz & Tech Editor

I have always been a fan of the role-playing genre of video games, so it is no surprise that SEGA’s “Valkyria Chronicles 4” ended up on my radar.

To tell the truth, I have known about the Valkyria Chronicles series for a few years now, even owning the remaster of the first game on the PlayStation 4. But it was not until I picked up “Valkyria Chronicles 4” on the Nintendo Switch that I finally gave the series a shot.

“Valkyria Chronicles 4” is a tactical role-playing game set in the continent of Europa, where a war is being fought between two sides known as the Federation Army and the Empire. The war is called the Second Europan War. However, this story follows the tale of the Federation Army’s Squad E, led by Claude Wallace alongside his childhood friends Kai Shulen and Raz.

Claude’s squad is quickly roped into a military mission called “Operation Northern Cross.” It comes as a last-ditch effort by the Federation Army to reclaim territory lost to the Empire. Squad E must push through the Imperial lines not only to save Europa from the fascistic Empire, but also to protect their beloved home.

The tale is a traditional war story, focusing on the heroic struggles of Squad E while they both try to successfully pull off the offensive but survive the treacherous conditions of war.

This cast of colorful characters has good chemistry, as their personalities play off each other well. There are side-stories that focus on the other units of Squad E, giving more depth to the characters. These characters, while fictional, have a comradery that feels real. The strongest aspect of this game’s story is the characters.

The gameplay lets players take control of Squad E to perform various missions. The units players can use range from average foot soldiers to grenadiers, even allowing the use of a tank at times. Missions will have players facing off against Imperial troops so that the Federation can press forward with their operation. Both sides take turns in moving their units around on the battlefield. During the player’s turn, units can be moved into place to take on opposing soldiers.

The units will engage in small gunfights. However, players should be wary of their units’ health, because if a unit falls in battle, the player only has three turns to send for a medic. If the player fails, that fallen unit will be rendered dead for the rest of the game.

There are many other factors at play in the game, like ammunition, guarding bases and the squad’s morale. So, if a player aims to seize victory, they must move strategically and carefully.

“Valkyria Chronicles 4” is a solid game in all departments. It features a simple story with a great cast, involved yet challenging gameplay, pleasant visuals and a fitting soundtrack. I highly recommend this title for fans of the role-playing genre. “Valkyria Chronicles 4” is available now for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.