Summoning spirits: A heart stopping experience

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

It’s rare that a show can say it is literally heart-stopping, but that was exactly the case for the University Center Entertainment sponsored show, “Summoning Spirits” written and performed by Peter Boie.   

“The magician for non-believers,” as stated on Boie’s self-titled website, enhanced the hour-long paranormal experience with short, eerie videos, audience volunteer opportunities and dangerous stunts that wowed the crowd in the packed Hamilton Room of the University Center Thursday night.

Yet, even after his own version of Russian Roulette where he relied solely on the help of a bell-ringing spirit, the crowd was never more on edge than the moment when Boie slumped over in his chair and stopped his own heart right on stage.

Boie credited years of meditation and breathing exercises as the source of his unusual ability. However, his psychic-like abilities could not be explained as easily.

Though Boie’s show will leave any audience member wanting answers, a good magician never reveals his secrets.