Internships, jobs key in furthering education

Benjamin Pierce, Managing Editor

There’s no doubt that coursework and education in a classroom play a key role in preparing students for full-time work in their area of study.

Professors harbor tons of valuable information and real-world experiences to further the education of students. Homework and exams ensure that students remember important terms, concepts and procedures in the professional world.

Although coursework is important, internships and job experiences are also vital to a well rounded education. Nearly all of the professors I’ve had encourage students to seek out internships and part-time jobs to further their education.

The time I have spent in the professional journalism world has given me a wealth of knowledge and experiences that I could never learn in a classroom or through a project or test. The editors and fellow journalists I have had the privilege of working with outside of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater have taught me a lot as well. That would not have been possible without the internships and jobs I have held outside of campus.

My peers and friends have also had their lives changed by internships and jobs. This summer, one of my friends and coworkers traveled across the country to Washington D.C. to study political journalism.    

While he could have learned about covering national politics here in Wisconsin, doing so directly from the hub of the country’s political landscape furthered his education in a unique way.

I have learned plenty sitting in a desk in Heide Hall from numerous talented, award-wining professors here at UW-Whitewater. But the things I have learned from my time at work and internships have taken my work and goals to the next level.

All students should keep working hard to further their education here on campus in the classroom, but make sure it doesn’t end there.