Milton resident supports Szerlong for assembly

Teresa L. Grover, Milton Resident

Why not? Why not support someone who fights for Local job growth, more job opportunities, supports lower taxes, supports our local schools by advocating money towards the classrooms verses expensive big buildings.

Then why not support Gabriel Szerlong? Gabe is an outstanding lifelong member and volunteer in our local community of Milton and Rock County. Gabe has new, and fresh, innovative ideas to improve our local 43 State District of Wisconsin.

Gabe Szerlong has excellent experience in advocating for, WE THE PEOPLE! Gabe has served in our state government as a Legislative Assistant, listening, collecting information, and while helping to push through good and positive legislation.

While growing up in Milton, Gabe aspired to go on to College and so he worked hard paying his way through Whitewater University and graduating with a degree in political science.

Gabe’s desire is to make our community stronger and better! So please, why not, vote for Gabriel Szerlong On Nov. 6? I know I will!

—Teresa L Grover

Milton Wi 53563

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