Regardless of who is on your ballot, vote

Benjamin Pierce, Managing Editor

I don’t care who you vote for.

I don’t care what party your ideals align with. I don’t really want to hear why or why not you are a big fan of this candidate or that one.

I do care that you vote.

There are so many reasons why we as American citizens should take part in voting.

If you want to be involved or want to make a difference, vote and do your part towards electing the person that you feel can best do that.

It’s easy to complain or disagree with the decisions of lawmakers, especially when those decisions don’t align with one’s political views. But if you aren’t at least out there doing your part by voting, how much can you really complain?

I’m no math major, but one vote is enough to swing an election. Your vote can be the difference, but you can’t make that difference if you don’t get out to the polls and exercise your American right.

I have a few friends who argued with me that they don’t vote because they don’t want to wait in line, but it really is worth the wait.

There are also ways to avoid the lines. Online voting or avoiding the busy times such as when people are getting off work around 5 p.m. are easy solutions to the problem.

At the end of the day, if you have to wait, it’s not a waste of time. You are doing something to better your community and hopefully elect the right person.

I don’t care what time you vote, but you need to vote. It’s no secret that politics are a big conversation in our nation right now.

Whether you agree with the actions and ideas of an elected official, they are in office because they were elected and chosen by the people to be there.

On Nov. 6, you get to make choices about who is on your ballot.

Make sure you get to the polls and make your vote count, regardless of whether your ticket ends up blue or red.