Whitewater resident says Szerlong is the right choice

Ryan Detra, Whitewater Resident

Dear Editor,

Special interest groups are formed from individuals who seek stronger political representation.  There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve watched as endorsements came in for Rep. Don Vruwink.  Most recently, the Wisconsin Educational Technology Leaders gave Don an award.

His achievement? He went to Washington D.C. to meet with unnamed “federal government representatives.”

Good grief.  They gave him a participation trophy.

Apologists for Vruwink say he hasn’t accomplished anything because he’s in the minority party.  That is a farce. Last year, Gov. Walker gave a speech on the Assembly floor praising Democratic State Rep. Evan Goyke for presenting a framework for fixing juvenile prisons. Democrat Peter Barca passed a bill to aid small business owners. Good ideas from either party can and do rise to the top. But you won’t get that from Don Vruwink.

I’ll say it: Vruwink can’t get a bill passed because he has no good ideas.

My endorsement goes to Gabriel Szerlong. He knows the individual needs of the 43rd, because he has been amongst us. He has personally knocked on thousands of doors in the past five months.  He has attended dozens of events. He has listened, unequivocally, to the people.

Career politicians and the “old” ways of thinking are a dying breed.  Youth and vigor will propel a 21st century Wisconsin into a stronger future.

Look not to the interest groups who would seek to influence your vote, but to the hard work and determination of the candidate.  Gabriel Szerlong is that man.

—Ryan Detra,

Whitewater resident