Warhawk success closet provides style on a budget

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

The thought of an  interview can be extremely stressful for many students. From practicing responses to organizing resumes, most students dread everything about the process – until now. 

This year, the Warhawk Success Closet is helping students to alleviate I knew we had to do something to make sure we were supporting all students in a similar situation,”part of that stress by giving students the chance to make that great first impression – without the added pressure of  breaking the bank. 

“When a faculty member shared with me that he had gotten a suit for a student who didn’t have one or the resources to purchase one for a competition, I knew we had to do something to make sure we were supporting all students in a similar situation,” said Chancellor Beverly Kopper.

This initiative is where the idea for the closet came from – an idea that had one goal from the very beginning: ease of access for all students and for whatever reason.

“We really just want to make it as easy as possible. Students can come and take whatever they need, for however long they need it,” said Success Closet Intern, Rebekah Madia Russell. “We don’t ask any questions or charge anything to anyone. We just take your name, and you’re off to make that great first impression.”

And while most of that first impression during an interview is in the clothes, Kimberly Clarksen, the Student Services Coordinator in the Career Leadership and Development department, argues that the extra confidence students get from a nice outfit is just as beneficial to them during those important moments.

“The closet provides clothing and accessories that help students to feel confident when going to an interview – to help them appear on the outside how they should feel on the inside,” said Clarksen. “It shows that who they are and what they have to offer an employer is valuable.”

The Warhawk Success Closet is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and is located in the Career Leadership and Development area of the University Center.