Political writer visits UW-W

College Republicans host Michael Knowles to speak on US issues


Ivan Pomeroy

photo by Ivan Pomeroy / Staff Photographer

Killian Jauch, News Editor

The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater College Republicans, in association with Young America Foundation (YAF), hosted Michael Knowles on campus Nov. 13.

Knowles, a popular political commentator, has been traveling across the country giving speeches, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater was the fifth stop in his “Covfefe on Campus” tour.

He spoke at length about what he called the greatest sex scandal in America.

“What I’m describing, is the denial of sex itself. The denial of different sexes, or that men and women exist,” said Knowles.

He spoke for roughly 45 minutes before the floor was opened up to questions.

UW-Whitewater junior Nick Kwarciany asked Knowles what he feels is the biggest issue facing America.

“There are many problems facing America right now. I suppose the biggest one, in my opinion, is the failing confidence in our public institutions,” Knowles said. “If we, the greatest democracy on Earth, become a laughing stock because we can’t even get ahold of our own elections, that’s a big problem.”

Knowles works for The Daily Wire, a conservative news outlet based in Los Angeles, California where he works with other popular commentators Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan. He also has a daily podcast called “The Michael Knowles Show.”

Ivan Pomeroy
photo by
Ivan Pomeroy / Staff Photographer

Perhaps his greatest claim to fame, however, would be the book he published without any words in it. He titled it “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” and has sold more than 100,000 copies.

The event was seen as a success by members of the College Republicans.

“It was such a great opportunity to get to see Michael Knowles in person, I listen to his podcast every day,” UW-W senior Joey Nelson said. “I’m really happy that we were able to partner with YAF and bring him here.”

Following the Q&A session, attendees got the opportunity to meet and talk to Knowles.

“The highlight for me was definitely getting to talk to him,” Kwarciany said. “He was a really cool and actually was open to talk to us individually. And he signed my book so that was really awesome.”