Connecting the community with crafts

Roberta’s Art Gallery features Fairhaven locals

Connecting the community with crafts

Samantha Lynn, Staff Reporter

Roberta’s Art Gallery will show a strong campus connection with the community in the University Center. The exhibit will be showcasing crafts done by seniors at Fairhaven with UW-Whitewater students over the past two years.

Avery Jenks is currently the exhibit lead in the Gallery and has had the honor of being involved with such a special connection with the seniors at Fairhaven. “The stories that residents tell and just being able to talk to them,” Jenks said. “A lot of them went to Whitewater so being able to hear their stories about their experiences here, I think that is the best part.”

Every semester workshops are hosted at Fairhaven with senior residents, these workshops are hosted about four times within each semester. Students at Whitewater have the opportunity to volunteer and spend time with the residents but “a lot of sports teams go to participate in crafts,” said Jenks.

Jenks believes that the most memorable thing about this exhibit is the campus and community connection. Whitewater is heavily involved with residents through different activities done by different groups or classes on campus. “This exhibit highlights a very special connection,” said Jenks. Many campuses and communities do not have this type of connection Jenks speaks of.

The exhibit will highlight residents from Fairhaven holding their crafts as well as show casing examples. The exhibit is called “Faces of Fairhaven” and will be open to the pubic Dec. 6 to Feb. 1. It is free to the public and students.