Say hello to second semester

Staff Editorial, Royal Purple Staff

School is upon us once again.

The winter break is officially over, and with classes beginning Tuesday it’s time to hit the books.

Winter break is much needed and well deserved for students considering the fall semester each year is filled with new challenges and new classes. It means surviving another round of finals and a considerable amount of assignments and projects.

To those students who completed a class over the winterim, you did it and can now be happy to hear your classes will last more than a few weeks—you won’t have to do half of your assignments in four days. Be proud of yourselves. Completing a college course in such little time is no small task.

To those students who expanded his/her horizons by vacationing to a foreign country or various nooks and crannies tucked inside the vast United States, be thankful for your opportunities and times had with friends and family.

To the students who spent time in his/her hometowns with old friends and family, you may have been the luckiest of all.

While going on vacations or getting ahead with an extra few credits is a fine way to spend the winter break, surrounding yourself with people you care about during the holiday season is nothing to shake your head about.

We hope you enjoyed your time with the people you love most (Especially because most of you didn’t have to take breaks to go do homework).

That last part is likely to change now with the spring semester kicking up this week. Homework and reading are upon us once more. As we continue to work on bettering ourselves as students and future professionals, let us continue to push ourselves to be the best we can be, but also remember the things we enjoyed over break.

Work hard this semester. Remember that your experience in college may only be a few years long, but it can change the rest of your life. The lessons learned in classrooms or through coursework can hold valuable information that can be used throughout your career. This spring, dig in and be a better student and better your future in the process.

But don’t forget that feeling of sunshine from that beach in Mexico this January or the feeling of pride you felt when you finished your Winterim course. Don’t forget the joyous pain in your stomach after you just finished laughing so hard it hurt with old friends back home.

Push yourselves this semester, and remember that your education is what you make of it. There are numerous ways to better yourself both in the classroom and through campus organizations.

Here at the Royal Purple, we’re always looking for hard-working, fun people to join our staff. Feel free to shoot an email to
[email protected] if you’re interested.

Remember that you can push yourself to be a better student and future employee and also have fun.

This spring, enjoy your time as a Warhawk student and remember to smile. When the studies and exams get difficult, remember all of the good times had over winter break. If nothing else, remember the sleep.

Good luck to everyone as classes kick up, and remember to enjoy yourself.