Ready to serve

Officer Marjanovic, new to the Whitewater Police Department


Shannan Lojeski, News Editor

The City of Whitewater Police Department (WPD) swore in a new officer, Aleksandar Marjanovic Jan. 3.

Officer Marjanovic is 24 years old and has a degree in Healthcare Administration from UW-Milwaukee. Before choosing to work in law enforcement, Marjanovic worked at Blount Orthopedics in Milwaukee where he didn’t feel he was living up to his full service capabilities.

His desire to learn and readiness for service made Marjanovic stand out amongst other applicants.

“We were struck by Aleks sincere drive to serve and improve other people’s lives,” said Whitewater Chief of Police Aaron Raap. “As cliché as that sounds, this young man was in a career and had a job that could have provided him with a good paycheck down the line. He decided to serve in law enforcement here in Whitewater, and we are so happy about that.”

Marjanovic hopes to use his prior work experience to help him assimilate into his new position.

“With prior experience and education in the healthcare field, I feel that I have a unique background that can be useful when serving the community now in a different capacity. Those skills gained by being an administrator for a healthcare organization can and will be used as some of my strengths in my new career” said Marjanovic.

After returning from a four month academy that he started Jan. 7, Marjanovic will have two weeks of department-specific training. He will then begin formal field training, which is a four phase cumulative process that will take three to four months. After field training and placement for solo patrol, Marjanovic will receive monthly evaluations with frequent feedback.

“As a new officer attending the law enforcement academy at Waukesha County Technical College, our expectation at this point is that Officer Marjanovic focus his attention on learning the basics of law enforcement,” said Captain of Whitewater Police Department Dan Meyers. “Upon completion of the academy, he will begin field training here at WPD where he will put his skills into practice. The Field Training Officer (FTO) program is all about learning and consistent growth.”

Marjanovic has moved to the city of Whitewater and is already connecting with the community.

“We’re excited to see Officer Marjanovic succeed so that we as the WPD can succeed” Raap said.