WSG keeps students warm this winter

Katelyn Black, Lifestyle Editor

With the temperature and wind chill reaching the negatives this week and winter truly beginning to set in, warm gear is a must for any student walking to work or class. But when Jen Purcell, the director of marketing and public relations for the Whitewater Student Government was out running errands with a colleague, the two noticed the total lack of hats and gloves on students around campus and decided something needed to be done.

“We went to Walmart and purchased 128 pairs and 30 hats,” said Purcell. “With this brutal winter weather we have been having, we felt that it was necessary to help students stay safe and warm.”

But it wasn’t just the idea of keeping students warm and cozy on their walk to class that inspired the idea – it was also about opening their doors to new people and getting the word out about the organization.

“We also placed a small sheet of paper with our logo and senate meeting information on it, so students would know that they are more than welcome to be apart of our meetings.”

And though the original idea wasn’t his, WSG President, Thomas Kind is still totally behind the initiative because of how well it fits with the overall beliefs, goals and message of WSG.

“I am very impressed with the sense of initiative that comes from within the hearts of our student leaders,” said Kind. “I appreciate their work and I hope they continue to do what they can to support our student body in everything they do.”