Break can still be enjoyed without visiting a beach

Nicole Aimone, Editor-in-Chief

    In the age of social media, spring break can be a rough time for those of us who weren’t able to go gallivanting around new places for the week.

     It can be hard to enjoy your spring break when you are scrolling through Instagram, seeing all of your classmates and friends on a sunny beach or in  some foreign country experiencing exciting things while you sit on your parents couch.

    But don’t feel bad about spending your spring break with your family. That can be an amazing experience in and of itself.

    Going home for spring break can provide the perfect opportunity to spend some much needed quality time with your family and friends back home, who often get neglected when you’re in the midst of the semester.

    So instead of being jealous of your friends tropical vacations, go to lunch with your parents, take your dog for a walk, do something your younger sibling likes or just spend the day working on yourself.

     Taking time to relax and re-center yourself can have the same effect on your health and appearance as sun and tan lines. ​