Service org looks forward to next year with new officers

Alyssa Brooks, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

Circle K is a community service group on campus that recently held elections for 2019-20 positions within their organization.

As recent as April 1st, a new group of students moved into and up the ranks of the org.

UW-Whitewater junior and past Circle K Vice President Sydney Goldman is now the organization’s president, and one of her main goals with her new position is to bring different parts of the community together through volunteer projects.

“Circle K would love to introduce new volunteer opportunities for everyone in the Whitewater community,” said Goldman.

She also has ideas to bring various campus organizations like Habitat for Humanity or Best Buddies together and collaborate on projects.

“This would not only bring awareness to Circle K but it brings awareness to the organization(s) we work with,” said Goldman. “It is also a great way to bring everyone together and get to know more people.”

Community involvement is an important part of this group. According to Goldman, community impact is an important part of the growing organization.

“We as Warhawks care for the people around us. Volunteering around campus and the community leaves such a strong message,” said Goldman.

To help with the idea of community outreach, the organization holds an event once a month, which is typically on a Wednesday night, called “Banana Night”.

Members of Circle K go to Fairhaven Nursing Home in Whitewater to give residents bananas and decorate door signs with them.

Members of Circle K also sets up camp for students with disabilities called Camp Wawbeek.

“I want our club to be known positively around the community,” said Vice President Jenna Boeck. “As our main focus is volunteering in the community.”

Circle K also elected a new secretary, Vice President and Bulletin Editor for the 2019-20 school year.

But newly appointed Secretary Joanna Carman, Vice President Jenna Boeck and Bulletin Editor Jennifer Basgall can all speak for the main goal the organization wants to accomplish for the next year.